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File #: 23-53    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Minute Order Status: Filed
File created: 7/20/2022 In control: PLANNING COMMISSION
On agenda: 8/10/2022 Final action: 8/10/2022
Title: PC - ACTION ITEM: (1) Discussion of Draft Written Report to City Council Regarding Workplans; and (2) Authorize Transmittal to City Council.
Attachments: 1. CC Policy 3002_Commisssions, Boards and Committees_05-10-2021.pdf
PC - ACTION ITEM: (1) Discussion of Draft Written Report to City Council Regarding Workplans; and (2) Authorize Transmittal to City Council.

Meeting Date: August 10, 2022

Contact Person/Dept: Erika Ramirez, Current Planning Manager
Ruth Martin Del Campo, Secretary to the Planning Commission

Phone Number: (310) 253-5727/(310) 253-5735

Fiscal Impact: Yes [] No [X] General Fund: Yes [] No [X]

Public Hearing: [] Action Item: [X] Attachments: [X]

City Council Action Required: Yes [x] No [X] Date: (TBD-September 2022)

Public Notification: (Email) Meetings and Agendas - Planning Commission (8/03/2022)

Department Approval: Sol Blumenfeld, Community Development Director (8/01/2022)


Staff recommends that the Planning Commission (1) discuss the proposed Planning Commission list of accomplishments for the 2021 calendar year and the Planning Commission's work plan for the 2022 calendar year; and (2) authorize staff to transmit a memorandum summarizing the 2021 accomplishments and 2022 work plan to the City Council.


The Culver City Charter provides the City Council of Culver City with the authority, by ordinance, to establish and abolish Commissions, Boards or Committees as it may determine, from time to time, to be necessary for the effective and efficient governance of the City. The Culver City Municipal Code (CCMC) Section 3.03.005 establishes the Planning Commission and Section 3.05.400 establishes the Commission's powers and duties as the following:

A. After a public hearing thereon, recommend to the City Council the adoption, amendment or repeal of the General Plan, or any part thereof, for the physical development of the City.

B. Exercise such control over zoning, land subdivisions and building as is granted to it by the City Council and by the laws of the State of California;

C. Make recommendations concerning proposed public works and for the clearance and rebuilding of blighted or substandard areas within the City and public improvement in general;

D. Upon the direction of the City Council, issue Orders to Show Cause why use permits, exceptions or variances granted should not be revoked for violation and to hold necessary hearings, transmitting findings and recommendations to City Council. A person aggrieved by the action of the Commission may appeal to the City Council by filing a notice of appeal in accordance with the appeal procedures and within the time limits set forth in Chapter 17.640 of this Code; and

E. Perform such other duties, not inconsistent with the City Charter or this Code, as may be prescribed by ordinance, resolution, City Council Policy or other City Council action.

Zoning Code Section 17.600.15 includes in the Commission's duties and functions listed above, the following:

(1) The review and final decision on development projects and related environmental documents; and

(2) The recommendations, to the Council for final decision, on Development Agreements, General Plan Amendments, Specific Plans, Zoning Map/Code Amendments, and other applicable environmental documents, policy, or ordinance matters related to the City's planning process; and

(3) That functions listed above shall be performed in compliance with 17.500.010 (Authority for Land Use and Zoning Decisions), Table 5-1 (Review Authority) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

City of Culver City Council Policy Statement Policy Number 3002 was issued and took effect on May 10, 2021 by Resolution No. 2021-R040 to provide general guidelines, consistent with the City's Commissions, Boards and Committees (CBC), as well as to representatives appointed to outside agencies and boards. In Section VI. Commission, Board and Committee Interaction with City Council, the policy requires that "Periodically, but not less than biannually, each CBC shall submit to the City Council a written report on their respective activities."


The analysis below summarizes the Planning Commission's accomplishments during the 2021 calendar year and provides a list of anticipated activities for the 2022 calendar year defined in the Community Development Department's work plans that correspond to the responsibilities and duties of the Planning Commission defined by the CCMC.

2021 Accomplishments
* Approvals:
1. 4044 Madison Avenue - ASPR, TPM & Exceptions to Certain Subdivision Requirements (3-unit townhome development)
2. 4095 Sawtelle Boulevard- ASPR & TPM (4-unit Condo development)
3. 11469 Jefferson Boulevard - CUP & AUP (5-story, 175-room boutique hotel)
4. 10000 Washington Boulevard - Modification to SPR (change of use)
5. 9300 Lucerne Avenue - TPM (2-unit condo)
6. 3828 Delmas Terrace- Modification to SPR (relocation of existing ER Department)
7. Adopt Standard Conditions of Approvals for Discretionary Projects
8. 10202 Washington Boulevard - Conformance Review to Adopted Comprehensive Plan (Sony Pictures Entertainment Adaptive Reuse Scenic Arts Office Project)

* Recommendations to City Council:
1. Zoning Code Amendment to Clarify Development Standards for the R-1 zones, ADUs and Micro-Units.
2. 10808-10860 Culver Boulevard - Wende Comprehensive Plan Amendment (3-story, 7,022 SF community center, 6 dwelling units and community garden)
3. 11111 Jefferson Boulevard - Zoning Map Amendment, Comprehensive Plan, TMP, DOBI, AUP (5-story mixed use development with affordable and workforce housing)
4. Housing Element Updates (Completed November 30, 2021)

* Policy Discussions:
1. General Plan Update Land Use Strategies Joint Study Sessions
2. Comprehensive Update to Zoning Code Requirements regarding On-Site Parking Requirements
3. Residential and Multi-family Streamlining Process

2022 Work Plan
* Projects (acted upon applications or deemed complete)
1. 9925 Jefferson Boulevard - SPR (51,178 SF Office Building) - Approved
2. 5861-5863 Washington Boulevard - SPR, Administrative Modification, AUP (2-sory 16,900 SF Office Building) - Approved
3. 11039 Washington Boulevard - CUP, AUP (Vehicle Repair Bays) - Approved
4. 8902 Hubbard Street -TPM & Exception to Subdivision requirements (2-unit townhomes) - Approved
5. 4164 & 4170 Lincoln Avenue - TPM (2 two-unit condo developments)- Approved
6. 3430 McManus Avenue - CUP (Echo Horizon School) - Approved
7. 3826 Girard Avenue - TPM (4-unit condo development) - Approved
8. 3800 Sepulveda Boulevard - CUP (Beyond Hello Cannabis Retailer) - Approved
9. 8631-8635 Hayden Place - SPR, AUP (244,000 SF Office Building) - Approved
10. 9763 Culver Boulevard - SPR, DOBI (Culver Theatre Residences Mixed Use Development w/ 34 units) - Scheduled for 8/10/2022
11. 12727 Washington Boulevard - SPR, DOBI (mixed use w/ 104 units) - Tentatively Scheduled for 8/24/2022

* Potential Projects - 24 inquiries for projects requiring an entitlement from Planning Commission or a recommendation from Planning Commission to City Council for approval.

* Recommendations to City Council
1. 9763 Culver Boulevard - DOBI (Culver Theatre Residences)
2. 12727 Washington Boulevard - DOBI ( Mixed Use Development)
3. 8825 National Boulevard- Apple TOD Comprehensive Plan, Zone Change and EIR
4. Housing Element Update (Completed January 6, 2022)
5. In-Lieu Parkland Fee Ordinance Update

* Zoning Code Amendments
1. 11039 Washington Boulevard - Zoning Change (related to approved CUP for Auto Repair) - completed
2. Downtown Ground Floor Retail Uses - completed
3. Emergency Shelter Revision - completed
4. Comprehensive On-Site Parking Requirements Update
5. TDM Ordinance Update - Collaboration with Public Works and Transportation Departments.
6. Streamlining of Residential Developments - Objective Design Standards
7. Affordable Housing Overlay Zone


1. City of Culver City Council Policy Statement Policy Number 3002


That the Planning Commission:

1. Discuss the workplan report,

2. Establish the workplan, and

3. Authorize transmittal to the City Council.